Decorating, assembling and flying a kite naturally follows the Engineering Design Process: Defing the Problem, Plan a Solution, Make a Model, Test the Model, and Reflect and Redesign, and promotes creativity, collaboration, communication as well as asking questions, making observations, analyzing data, and problem solving. 

This FREE curriculum includes:

  • What is STEAM?
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Problems to Get You Started
  • Open Ended Questions to Support Thinking
  •  Principles of STEAM Activities

Unit Plan

Student Handouts:

  • Define the Problem
  • Plan a Solution
  • Make a Model
  • Test the Model
  • Reflect and Redesign

Don’t forget to download Kites in the Classroom Guidebook for everything you need to know to plan a kiting event, and see what other Guidebooks may be relevant to you!

Graphic of the Engineering Design Process

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