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A minimum order of 20 kites or $130 CAD is required.

We only ship to addresses in Canada or the United States.

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Kite Kits


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The Kites in the Classroom Packages include:

  • A kite-kit package that includes everything to make and fly your kites.
  • A free "Kites in the Classroom" guidebook.
  • Easy-to-follow kite assembling instructions

Kite Specifications:

  • Material: White Tyvek (a non-tearing waterproof cloth-like paper) & fiberglass rods
  • Size: 22" x 28" (or 56 cm x 71 cm)
  • Shape: Sled design
  • Kite Line: 100 ft cotton line wound on a plastic handle
  • Paint: Color with crayons, markers, or felt pens (not included)

Our kite is a guaranteed flyer, even with very little wind.


Choose your currency, CAD or USD: