Kite Kits

Kites arrive white and ready to decorate. Color with crayons, markers, or felt pens (not included).

Let Imagination Take Flight!

This frustrationless flyer is great for all ages K-12. It is durable, easy to fly, and made to last. Perfect for hands-on learning activities, family events, and celebrations. The white Tyvek sail serves as a blank canvas for creativity. Use crayons or permanent ink markers to decorate with unique designs, patterns, or messages. Each kite becomes a personalized work of art that reflects each child’s individual style.

The Kites in the Classroom Package Contains:

  1. A kite-kit package that includes everything to make and fly a kite.
  2. A free “Kites in the Classroom” booklet.
  3. Easy-to-follow kite assembling instructions

Kite Specifications:

  • Material: White Tyvek (a non-tearing waterproof cloth-like paper) & fiberglass rods
  • Size: 22″ x 28″ (or 56 cm x 71 cm)
  • Shape: Sled design
  • Kite Line: 100 ft cotton line wound on a plastic handle
  • Paint: Color with crayons, markers, or felt pens (not included)

Our kite is a guaranteed flyer, even with very little wind.

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Durable Materials for Endless Flying Fun

We use high-quality materials to ensure your kites can withstand countless hours of flying adventures. Kite packages include everything to make and fly your kites.

🪁 Material: White Tyvek sail (non-tearing, waterproof, cloth-like)
🪁 Fiberglass spars: Flexible and durable for optimal performance
🪁Size:22″ x 28″ (or 56 cm x 71 cm)
🪁 Shape: Sled design – known for its stability and ease of flight.
🪁 Line: 100 ft cotton line wound on a plastic handle

Even in low winds, our kite will catch the breeze and glide gracefully through the sky. It’s perfect for beginners learning the art of kite flying and experienced flyers alike.


More Than Just Fun – It’s Educational!

Flying a kite is not only entertaining but also enriching. It teaches children (and adults!) about:

🪁 Wind and weather patterns
🪁 Aerodynamics and the principles of flight
🪁 Art and design through kite customization
🪁 Outdoor appreciation and environmental awareness

Encourages physical activity, hand-eye coordination, and quality time with family and friends in nature. It’s a great way to unplug, de-stress, and create lasting memories.

Every order includes access to our Guidebooks and Done-For-You Activity Plans, making it hassle-free and simple to plan and enjoy with children.

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“Of all the kites I’ve ever flown, it is the absolute easiest and most forgiving kite in all wind conditions… a good solid kite for a kid that hasn’t flown a kite before.

It was a great way to have a field trip. The only cost was the cost of the kite, that the kids get to keep and use for years!”

– Bill, Grade 3 Teacher 

“Your kites are amazing… they all go up! That’s a big reason why I’ve ordered them again and again.

It’s one of the best family engagement pieces I’ve done with students. It sure makes for a great day!”

– Eileen, Experiential Learning Special Assignment Teacher

“The kite kits tie into resilience and the character education we teach, being flexible and persistent when creating something.

It’s successful for every kid. It doesn’t matter if you struggle to read or you struggle with math. Everybody can be successful with the kite, and it’s joyful!”

– Cathie, Grade 1 Teacher