We know you have all seen them before. Maybe you have one in your classroom or afterschool care. The old, worn-out “Recess Box” or “Play Equipment Box”.  Maybe it has a few balls that have seen better days, a broken jump rope, some chalk. Kids usually start out pretty excited, and then, right around October, they lose interest. I mean, how much jumping and chalking can a kid do?

And now in COVID times we have to consider how to limit sharing of items, ensure everything has been sanitized, and support social distancing without creating the most dreary school yard ever. That’s a big challenge.

blonde boy on sunny beach flying kite from Kites in the Classroom

We have a solution for you that is easy to implement, accessible to all ages and abilities, and best of all – affordable.

Adding our Kite Kits to your recess or play equipment box provides children a special opportunity to do what they love best – Go Fly A Kite – that naturally encourages social distancing, and will bring endless fun for the children in your care! Just imagine the joy on their faces when they see their kites take to the sky!

Adding out Kite Kits to your recess or play equipment box is as easy as A – B – C!


Order one or two Kite Kits for each class or group in your school, plus a few extra handles, and make them a special part of your recess or play equipment box. (We think you will be back to buy a Kite Kit for everyone to fly on a special Kite Day!)


Our Kite Kits come ready for each class in your school or group in your program to decorate, using thick felts or markers, wax crayons, or even paint. And then Go Fly A Kite! Think about how you can include all the children to decorate the kite and reinforce their sense of group identity. Maybe everyone traces their hands, or you can create a class logo. Our Kites are easy to assemble, and easy to fly, even in low wind. And they fit right into your bucket to be used over and over.

Our Kite Kits come with everything you need


Make sure everyone knows how to launch, fly and land their kite safely. Create a plan for where the children can fly their kites safely – keeping in mind both terrain and how much space you have. All our orders come with a Kites in the Classroom Guide that includes Kite Safety and tips for Launching, Flying and Landing. Maybe the older students can create a video to share with the others about Kite Safety!

Our Kite Kits are teacher tested, and child approved by 1 million children at over 11000 schools!

Kites are so much more than a pleasant way to spend a windy afternoon with children. The experiences of decorating, building and flying a kite provides so many natural opportunities for learning.

To help you start thinking about kites in a new way check out our Infographic – Learning in Full Flight.