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We founded Kites in the Classroom because we wanted to bring the joy of kiting to the world through our easy-to-use Kite Kits and provide a fun hands-on activity, accessible to all ages and abilities, wherever you are.

Hands-on fun with kites inspires and engages everyone who use them. The sky is the limit for what you can achieve with kites!

children flying kites as part of school activity

  • Kiting activities inspire and engage anyone who participates. We have seen how kiting opens the mind to the greater world of scientific discovery, encourages the social dimensions of learning, and ties learning with an unforgettable experience in the natural world.
  • Kites and kiting activities link directly to learning standards in Science & Math, Social Studies/History & Language Arts, and Fine Arts and more!
  • Every Kite Kit comes with everything you need to assemble and fly a kite, is easy to decorate with felt pens, markers and wax crayons, and flies even in low winds.
  • We’ve been bringing the joy of flight to children and adults across North America with our simple, educational Kite Kits for more than 29 years.

Our Kite Kits Offer

An enjoyable project which educates while it entertains.

Engaging access points for guiding inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

A positive group building activity that can be used in a variety of contexts.

A simple, memorable experience to enrich special events, festivals and fundraisers. 

AND 11,000+

Easy to
assemble & fly
even in
low wind

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Our guidebooks
will help you plan
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“Your kite kits are user-friendly and very well designed! You can only imagine the expression of delight on each student’s face when their personalized kites took flight.”

Miss M. Abate

Talbot Elementary School, ON

The sky is the limit for integrating kites into any group activity and learning environment.

Schools & Daycares
K - 12 Classes

There are no limits to the links you can make between your learning goals and the hands-on experience of decorating, assembling and flying a kite with our easy to use Kite Kits.

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Schools & Daycares
Out of School

Help young people become their best selves while learning, having fun and making memories that last a lifetime with our creative Kite Kits.

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Schools & Daycares
Camp & Youth Organizations

Plan an affordable and easy to do hands-on activity that develops skills and creativity and ensures everyone feels the thrill of succsessfully flying their own kite. 

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Schools & Daycares
Events & Festivals

Bring fun and a unique sparkle to a special event you and your guests will remember with joy with our original Kite Kits. Just ask us how.

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Create a one-of-a-kind fundraiser for your group.

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Launching Dreams

Looking for a fundraiser like no other? We’ve got you covered. 

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Our kites have been used in learning environments for over 20 years.

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Discover how kites support all your curriculum outcomes.

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We are a family of educators proudly based in Canada.


As a family of educators, we know all about developing learning resources – and we share our knowledge with our community.

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly”

Lauren Bacall